Bak Logistics, Home of Specialized Handling

George Honzeri

Bak Logistics mainly specializes in providing warehouse space but slowly rebranded and graduated into end-to-end logistics, providing a variety of services including transportation.

The trademark of Bak Logistics, are a variety of containers belonging to Shipping Lines that include CGM, Maersk Sealand, Medlog, Evergreen Marine to mention but a few.

The company embraced and adapted technological innovation which effectively helped the company attain a competitive advantage over other players in the industry. Use of the High Jump Warehousing Software by the Company jump-started and triggered efficiency in warehouse management and stocks monitering.

The system captures Customer profiles, logging of electronic invoing, scanning of containers, customer tracking, Customs clearing, electronic documentation and is linked to Zimra Asycuda system.

Bak Logistics also boosts it’s effeciency through use of modern electric gantries which can also be operated by generators in the event of power outages. They handle any size of cargo attracting giant and bulk importers and exporters.

“At Vostermam warehouse, we also have a Kalmer Forklift that can lift all sizes of containers regardless of weight,” said Mr Chiwanza, the company spokesperson.

The company has 80, 000sqm of warehouse space making them the biggest handling Company in Zimbabwe.

The market leader’s 2023 strategic vision focuses on the company achieving 10 times corporate growth positioning the company to a top position in warehousing and forwarding. Their expansion strategic thrust into the region shall also strengthen the organisation to be a major player to reckon with.

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