Zinara Unveiled Prepaid Cards to reduce Tolling Plaza Wait Time

Tatenda Beverly Chikuni

The Zimbabwe national road administration (ZINARA) has brought long awaited convenience to tolling plazas with the introduction of its revamped ICEcash prepaid tolling card.

This comes weeks after they introduced their online licensing platform to combat the rise of motor vehicles and curb congestion at their offices. Now they have alleviated yet another queue-related inconvenience on the population in the form of this prepaid card.

The tolling card aims to reduce the time motorists wait at tolling plazas by allowing for near instant transactions. Loading funds for the trip beforehand allows for motorists to be secure for their journey ahead moreover it removes the time wasted using a swipe machine whose success is solely depended on the cooperation of the network.

Signing up for the card can take place at any ZINARA office, tolling plazas and selected agents. There, individuals are required to provide their name and mobile number and there after purchase any number of cards they wish which can be then linked to the same account. That in it self is a major benefit. Cooperates can also sign up for the ICEcard by sending an email to zinaratolling@icecash.co.zw and visiting the ZINARA booth at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show.

Funding the card is versatile enough as users can visit any ZINARA office, tolling plaza, EcoCash, OneMoney, RTGS (CBZ) or banking bill pay options with a variety of select backs including BankABC, Agribank, FBC bank, First Capital and CBZ bank.

Users must then download the ICEcash application available for free on the Google Playstore and Apple App store. They will log in using information provided to them through an SMS they receive when they register in the application.

From there the versatility of ZINARA ICEcash platform is theirs to enjoy. Funding the prepaid card aside, the platform allows its users to do everything from purchase airtime, buy ZESA tokens, pay their car insurance and even tuition all virtually.

The ZINARA ICEcash prepaid card comes right before the festive season where the roads are sure to be packed with vacation seekers. With it, the queues at tolling plazas promise to be quick or even non existent.

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