Beitbridge Border Open For Returnees Only – Govt

Tatenda Beverly Chikuni

Beitbridge Border

The Consulate of Zimbabwe has issued a public notice addressing the cross border travel of buses on the Beitbridge – South Africa border post.

The uncertainty surrounding the Beitbridge border post has caused confusion among bus operators and passengers alike as hoards travelled there wishing to cross over only to find out they could not. This led to 12 buses being detained at the border for 11 hours this past Sunday.

The resulting chaos has prompted the Consulate to issue an official public notice on the movement of buses between the border declaring returning citizens the only ones allowed to cross over back into the country. This repatriation of citizens has been made to adhere to current health protocols and as a result, bus operators are to get travel clearance from the Zimbabwe Consulate in Johannesburg by producing a manifest of its passengers. These clearance requests are to be emailed to

Moreover both, passengers and bus operators, must carry Covid-19 free Certificates and to reduce congestion the consulate has allowed a maximum of 5 buses to be cleared everyday.

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