Zimra Automates Issuing of Customs Clearance Certificates

William Makomo

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) introduces Automated Customs Clearance Certificates (CCCs) in an effort to bring sanity in clearance of motor vehicles to help curb revenue leakages and promoting easy of doing business.

In November 2019 alone, the Authority in a joint operation with ZACC recovered at least 102 vehicles worth thousands in USDs which had crossed Borders without paying duty but issued with manual fake CCCs. The smuggling involved Zimra officials in connivance with vehicles importers.

However, Zimra urges members of the public to ensure proper documentation is submitted at the time of clearance detailing correct Engine number, Chassis number, full name of the importer, Make/Model and Year of manufacture for easy capturing and automatic generation of the Customs Clearance Certificate.

“We are warning vehicle importers and officials that we will not hesitate to arrest those caught on the wrong side of the law. They have prejudiced the authority of thousands in USDs, ” said ZACC Comm Makamure.

A MOu between Zimra and ZACC was signed in 2019 to fight against graft and corruption and the new Automation system will help plugging off revenue leakages.

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