Beitbridge Border Post in Chaotic Situation

William Makomo

15km traffic stretch at Beitbridge

An urgent intervention at Beitbridge border post urgently needed to deal with congestion which officials say it will take weeks to clear the massive backlog of traffic stretching for more that 15km into Musina town.

People, trucks and buses have been stuck for more than 5 days, a situation the media had described literally as a matter of life and death as there is no sanitation, no water and security. Meanwhile two women have already been reportedly dead at the border.

“Part of the reasons for the congestion has to do with Covid-19 screening compounded by the fact that SA has a curfew from 10pm to 4am during which the boarder in closed”, said Siphamandla Goge reporting from Musina.

Business owners and truckers are loosing business due to huge traffic jam as everything has come to a stand still. Emergency services have become helpless whilst traffic officials have become incapacitated to handle the situation at the border post.

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