Truck drivers to blame for Beitbrige Congestion

William Makomo

Beitbridge Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam continue to increase at Beitbridge as the South African Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi blames truck drivers for the current congestion at the main busiest trade link, Beitbridge.

The South African government claims that most drivers do not have proper documentation required to cross the border resulting in them blocking other travellers who are ready to cross legitimately.

The Home Affairs Minister further reiterated that if truck drivers were playing the game by the rules, there wouldn’t be such conjestion of that magnitude

“If you go to the border now, the theatre of war is not with Customs or Home Affairs, it’s on the road where truckers have blocked all the driveway while they do not have proper documents to pass through, ” said Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi.

However, due to high temperatures prevailing at Beitbridge ranging between 43 to 45 degrees coupled with erratic water shortages, the death toll continue to increase with 11 deaths recorded so far.

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