Covid-19 screening suspended at Beitbridge to easy congestion

William Makomo

Beitbridge border post latest

The South African Health Department suspended Covid-19 screening at Beitbridge Border between South Africa and Zimbabwe to easy the congestion as pressure and tempers mount from the long awaited truckers and passengers’ associations.

SA Health Department spokesperson confirms that in the interest of addressing the congestion, the department suspended temperature screening and healthy questionnaires since the same process is performed on the Zimbabwean side.

The troubling situation at the border led to death of at least 4 drivers and 11 travellers who were forced to wait for a couple of days under hot conditions without water and poor sanitation facilities.

The move made by South African Authorities to easy a 20km-congestion that had crippled the border post ac//has brought sanity to trucking business and travellers at the border but on the ironically exposing Zimbabwe into great danger as South Africa records the highest Covid-19 infections daily.

Zimbabwe Health Department needs to be on high alert and efforts to get comments from the Department to confirm the government’s disaster preparednes position following these latest developments at Beitbridge Border are still underway.

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