Lockdown extended to February 15

By Faith Shingirai Mundere

Minister of Health and Child Care Dr (Rtd) C.G.D.N Chiwenga

The national lockdown has been extended to the 15th of February next month.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Health and Child Care General (Rtd)Dr C.G.D.N Chiwenga during a press statement in the capital Harare on Friday.

As of 28th January 2021 cumulative cases have reached thirty-two thousand six hundred and forty six (32646) with recorded deaths of one thousand one hundred and sixty deaths(1160).

“Government continues to intensify testing and patient care throughout the Provinces,” he said.

“Government will soon be bringing in vaccines against COVID-19. A roll out plan and deployment strategy is being finalised. The nation will be kept informed on all these developments,” said Dr C.G.D.N Chiwenga.

The development comes after another 30 day level 4 national lockdown was effected from the 5th of January 2021 after a surge in COVID-19 19 cases throughout the country.

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