Disappearance of policing in the wake of Covid 19

George Honzeri

Poorly ventilated and mostly ramshackle combis have become the owners of the roads in the routes mainly connecting high density suburbs where there is an absence of Zupco services.

The combis are characterised by plywood boards in place of windows, no number plates, invisible third number plates, broken down seats, battered shells, unkempt crews just to mention a few.

“We have been operating on this route since the first lock down we are now known.” said Tapiwa, a crew member from a combi plying the ZBC –Simon Mazorodze road side terminus to Mbudzi roundabout.

These pirating omnibuses ply routes with police road blocks with a lot of freedom and would sometimes enjoys freedoms that are not enjoyed by properly registered vehicles.

Is the police not aware or they have a clandestine arrangement with these people when it is public knowledge that private kombis were banned due to covid19 lockdown regulations?.

The above is a million dollar question with no answer.

The Budiriro-Machipisa,Chitungwiza –Machipisa,Southlea Park,Ushewokunze-Machipisa,Mbudzi Round About-Makoni routes are now dominated by  these ramshackle kombis where social distancing ,sanitisation and wearing of masks is not mandatory.

The police has so far impounded over 10 000 kombis since imposition of lockdown regulations.

These actions of the police should be continuous not sporadic.

Even police officers board these vehicles which defeats the government directive in the fight against covid19.

The law enforcement officers seem to be concentrating on the CBDs of major cities and towns

These cars are seen by police every day and they do nothing about it.

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