Free COVID-19 vaccination for Zimbabweans

By Faith Shingirai Mundere

Zimbabwean citizens are going to receive COVID-19 vaccination free of charge.

The announcement was made by His Excellency, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa during a state of the nation address in the country’s capital, Harare.

The President said the nation is now ready for the vaccination process.

“The National vaccine deployment framework is already finalized” he said.

“The vaccine will be state funded and free,

“The first phase of inoculation of the vaccine will see our hardworking frontliners,the elderly and those with underlying conditions being prioritized,

“China has donated 200 000 vaccines to the country “added the President

He furthercommended the citizen’s adherence to the lockdown measures as a positive response that has led to a decline in new infections.

The announcement comes asa relief for many citizens who are already facing economic challenges as a result of the pandemic.

New Covid cases have since declined countrywide and increased numbers of recoveries have since been recorded. As of late new cases stood at 150, Deaths  at 15, cumulative cases at 33964, recoveries at 27391and deaths  at 1269 according  to the Department of Civil Protection.

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