Valentine’s day: Love or Scam.

By Faith Shingirai Mundere

The 14th of February is a special day for lovers, friends and families globally. Signified by the red theme everything about February shouts love and passion.

As the day gets closer the pressure mounts on both gentleman and ladies.

 For ladies it’s the expectations of what one will receive while for gentlemen it is all about spending.

How far can one sacrifice for their loved ones?

Prices shoot with roses which is a symbol of love being the centre of attraction. The prices range from $10 for half a dozen to $1000 dollars for mega bouquets. Teddy bears and chocolates, candle lit dinners and exotic locations are some of the popular purchases in this season.

‘’I don’t believe in Valentine’s day, its satanic and why celebrating men with multiple relationships ’’ said Tatenda, a 25-year-old Harare lady.

‘’I personally would appreciate gifts from my loved one if the resources permit, however if not a message would be appreciated which shows that he cares’’ says, Tahbabes from Chitungwiza.

‘’I believe love is for rich people, so buying presents shouldn’t be an issue  and  why date someone when you are broke having nothing to give her’’  added Clayton from Norton .

Here becomes the million-dollar question. “Is the Valentine’s rush necessary, should love be an everyday occasion or is Valentine’s day a scam meant to benefit business people ?.”

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