Illegal tuckshops in Harare’s CBD to be destroyed

BY: Tafara C Mushope

The Council has announced an upcoming operation to destroy all illegal tuckshops around town. This was announced by the City Council on their twitter handle today.

This is what they had to say in their tweet:

“All illegal tuckshop owners across town should stop operations and remove their structures before 18 February, 2021. An operation to remove illegal structures is coming soon.”

“Some of the illegal structures are on road verges and public spaces. The unsightly structures are not helping especially when it rains because some of the structures are causing flooding as they block runoff.”

“These are some of the illegal housing cooperatives that illegally sold council land to individuals. Occupants of the paddocks are advised to move out and allow the paddocks to be used for their intended purpose.”

“Removal of illegal structures at council Crowborough paddocks begins on 2 April, 2021.”

More to follow this story.

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