Meyrick Park residents gone for weeks without electricity.


By George Honzeri

Meyrick Park residents have gone for more than a fortnight without electricity as a result of bungling by ZESA fault maintenance teams affecting residents around the area during this covid pandemic period.

A Zesa fault maintenance team destroyed a water pipe at the corner of Sherwood drive and Ritchwell Avenue resulting in water gushing out affecting electricity cables.

The electricity restoration drive did not last for a day, plunging the area into further darkness that had been experienced two weeks before meaning that the area has now gone for close to a month.

This was confirmed by a source from ZETDC Mabelreign as well as the Water Superintendent, Mr Musandu who promised to treat the matter with urgency.

A resident from Ritchwell Avenue concurred saying that the electricity outage is affecting their daily lives and also pushing up the cost of living.

This is not the first time for Zesa to fail people in as far as detection of faults is concerned.

Such slow responses to faults often results in an increase in the spate of robberies.

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