Retired General Nyikayaramba dies.

The Late Ambassador D Nyikayaramba

By:George Honzeri

Retired Lieutenant –General Douglas Nyikayaramba has died due to Covid 19 related complications which has further put a dark cloud on Zimbabwe as he has joined an array of high profile people to succumb to the pandemic.

General Nyikayaramba becomes the second ambassador to succumb to the pandemic after Ambassador Jethro Ndlovu.

Close family members revealed that the General fell ill after returning to the country on vacation from Mozambique.

The fallen ambassador was 64 and was Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Mozambique.

Major Nyikayaramba was a former Chief of Staff and Administration in the Zimbabwe National Army.

Ambassador Nyikayaramba was promoted to the rank of Major General in 2012.

In 2016, General Nyikayaramba gave oral evidence before the parliamentary portfolio committee on Defence and Security that the economy was bleeding due to massive corruption by some senior government officials.

General Nyikayaramba was appointed as Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Mozambique in 2019.

The death of ambassadors in the country has further derailed the second republic’s efforts to reengage with the world.

Zimbabwe has so far recorded 34 658 cumulative covid cases, 1 339 deaths, 28 825 recoveries.

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