Mbudzi roundabout now a menace to the motoring public

George Honzeri
Mbudzi roundabout has become a menace during peak periods as motorist spend their precious time queuing due to congestion.
Motorist have to endure long periods in queues as the facility is proving to be a failure in as far as handling of high traffic volumes is concerned.
A research conducted by the Freight Forwarders Magazine showed that the roundabout has failed as a traffic control point with motorist resorting to prohibited means such as encroaching pavements to get either home or work in time.
‘We have lost a lot of business as a result of the delays at this point especially during peak periods and when it is raining’ said a motorist who preferred anonymity.
Yesterday’s cabinet briefing on the state of roads by the minister of Local Government and Public Works, the cabinet noted that most roads had been damaged by the rains making them inaccessible hence declaring them a national disaster.
Mbudzi roundabout needs to be put into that category as it has become an inconvenience.
In 2019, theHarare, provincial development coordinator Mr Tafadzwa Muguti met with the Harare City Council and highlighted that the Mbudzi flyover budget and been approved and work was going to commence soon and the law enforcement agents were to clear the mess at the site.
Surprisingly there are new substandard market stalls currently under construction to be operated as tuckshops at the place where clearance should have been don.
Mbudzi roundabout is not the only intersection to be affected by congestion as there are others such as Kuwadzana Round About ,Coca cola intersection and ZBC Mbare intersection.

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