Vaccine Passports: A new trend.

A picture of the Covid passport

By Faith ShingiraiMundere

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic travelling has been a cause of concern. Travelling restrictions and bans have been imposed from continent to continent leaving some travellers bound for months.

The medical breakthrough of the COVID-19 vaccine seems to put an end to months of misery for travellers worldwide.

The tourism sector has adopted a vaccine passport as a new way of ensuring passengers’ safety and confidence in travellers. The issuance of COVID-19 vaccine passports is meant to open unlimited travel to the people.

A vaccine passport will be issued to inoculated persons.

Denmark is one of the first countries in the world to have launched its own Corona Passport. The passport grants the privilege to vaccinated citizens to travel beyond the country’s borders.

Sweden on the other hand has already joined other nations planning to introduce the vaccine passport.

While some countries are hesitant to adopt the trend other nations have seen nothing wrong with the development likening the COVID-19 passport as being similar to the yellow fever certificates which are a requirement for entry in many countries.

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