Bak logistics: Home of specialised handling

By: George Honzeri

Bak Logistics has over the years grown to be a force to reckon in handling and logistics in Zimbabwe providing handling and logistics solutions to both the private and private sector in Zimbabwe.

The organisation boasts of over 100 000 square meters of industrial warehousing and storage space.

This has given the organisation the capability to consolidate products from several locations for export to distribution centres.

Bak Logistics is anchored on delivering efficient service promise to the client.

The Logistics Company has warehousing space in Willowvale, Harare South and Southerton industrial area.

Bak Logistics is supported by other vibrant entities that include Key Logistics and Premier Forklift Services.

The organisation has been in operation since 1974 then trading as Bak Storage and has grown to provide end to end logistics solutions.

It is a subsidiary of the TSL group which is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchanged.

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