Volkswagen partners with Microsoft in Automated Driving platform building

By Tatenda Sanyahawa

The World’s Second largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen has teamed up with software Powerhouse, Microsoft in bid to accelerate the implementation of autonomous driving solutions, Microsoft online platform reported this Wednesday.

The partnership, possibly the biggest of such kind in the industry is likely going to perfect artificial intelligence in driving as the masters of cloud based systems Azure will simplify Volkswagen’s Car.Software Organization’s development process, Microsoft said.

“This is the next evolution of our foundational work with Volkswagen Group to enhance their transformation as a software-driven mobility provider” said Scott Guthrie Executive Vice President Cloud + Al at Microsoft.

In this initiative, Volkswagen Group’s car software organisation and Microsoft will build an automated Driving Platform whereby driving functions can be tested,deployed and operated.

Volkswagen is confident that the idea will work.

“By combining our comprehensive expertise in the development of connected driving solution with Microsoft’s cloud and software engineering know-how,we will accelerate the delivery of safe and comfortable mobility services” said Dirk Hilgenberg,CEO of the organisation.

Automated Driving solutions include driver assisted packages,semi autonomous packages and the ability by vehicles to read speed signs,control speed and even interpreting traffic rules.

Mercedes-benz are known as the pioneers of this technology.

Volkswagen is headquarted in Wolfsburg,Germany and the manufacturer of vehicles like Audi,SEAT,SKODA, Bentley,Buggatti, Lamborghini,Porsche and Ducati.

For Commercial vehicles it makes Scania and Man with its products being sold in more than 153 countries world wide.

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