Government launches DDF Blitz road maintenance in Matebeleland South

By Tatenda Sanyahawa

Government of Zimbabwe has launched a road maintainence program in Beitbridge on Friday through the District Development Fund ( DDF).

This Blitz road maintainence program which shall be in three phases was announced by Secretary for Information,Publicity and Broadcasting,Nick Mangwana on his Twitter handler on Saturday.

The first phase,covering the shortest distance of 38 km in Lutumba-Tongwe-Bulawayo mainroad will involve spot gravelling and road reshaping at a cost of ZW$16 240 500.

Second phase will involve a bigger stretch with “construction of 5 culverts and reshaping 61km of C102 Mapae -Dite-Peters road”

The cost will be ZW$11 745 000 .

The third and  final phase will be the reshaping of 50 km Centinel-Shashi-Toporo Road at a cost of ZW$11 016 000.

“Total road to be rehabilitated equals to ZWL$39 001 500 in Beitbridge District” said Nick Mangwana.

Zimbabwean Roads have been recently declared state of disaster after a long period of neglect.

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