Charge Office Bus terminus

By Tatenda Makomo

ZUPCO attendances failing to control the queues has become a cause for concern situation at Charge Office bus terminus in Harare. Long winding special queues that are said to be accommodating the so called staff members are making it even more difficult for the ordinary passengers who in some cases arrive earlier as they are being offered  first preferences.

In an interview yesterday, some ZUPCO passengers expressed their bitter everyday abusive experiences in the hands of these bus attendances. Edsurge media also learnt that some of the ZUPCO staff members are reported to be corruptly getting side monies for favors which disadvantage a lot of already waiting passengers in the ordinary queues.

ZUPCO staff members are present yet absent as they express ignorance by not pay attention to the problems despite being seen roaming about the terminus in their uniforms.

Is everyone travelling during this lockdown not an essential service?Then why grant some special treatment to others?

This has continuously also stretched as Bus drivers have grown a hitch by developing an attitude towards Zengeza bus terminus. Some buses shift their trips heading to another bus terminus while leaving a large group of people waiting in line for hours.

One of the arrogant drivers by the name Khedha, is known for driving at his own pace and lacking customer care.  In the morning, people of Zengeza can get one or three buses only and consideration the large population, many people will be left behind to board private cars for them to ferry to their work stations. Zengeza 3 bustop has been named “Vanoshaina’  for knowing their customer rights hence there have not been getting buses or buses refuse to drop and collect people there (cause of concern).More to follow…

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