Minister Mhona faces an uphill task

Minister F Mhona

George Honzeri

The inauguration of Minister Mhona on the 15th of February is a welcome development that will speed up road rehabilitation and infrastructure development in order to realize the President’s vision 2030 and spur the country to greater heights.

Minister Mhona is not a newcomer in the government and faces a daunting task of fulfilling the projects that were started and left by late national hero comrade Joel Biggie Matiza.

The county’s roads are in a sorry state owing to the above normal rains that have recently pounded the country as well as years of neglect by local councils.

Minister Mhona’s work is going to be easy as the government recently certified the country’s roads a state of disaster.

The county’s roads mainly in Manicaland were destroyed by Cyclone Idai in 2019 as well as the current rains received by the country

“All roads in the country are in a dire state and cabinet has declared that it will facilitate the release of resources for the repair and rehabilitation of all roads,” said a government source.

Work is currently in progress on the Harare-Beitbridge road and with the coming of the new minister, positivity is going to continue.

“Restorative work will cover trunk roads, rural roads and urban roads and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development will provide standardization of quality and technical support.” Said a government source.

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