Zuma faces jail

Credit:SABC News. In Picture: Jacob Zuma

George Honzeri.

Former South African president, Jacob Zuma is facing arrest and possibly a jail term form corruption charges dating back to the late 80s and his disrespect of the law when he failed to appear willingly to the Zondo Commission.

The former president is facing arrest though he has appealed to the highest court of the land.

Zuma’s supporters are gathered at the Nkandla homestead in support of the former president and political analyst have labelled such gathering as a group of influencers who was to foment anarchy in the country.

The African National Congress has expressed mixed feelings over the possible arrest with some advocating for the former president to answer to his charges while others have come to his corner expressing dismay and concluding that he has rights like every citizen.

Opposition political parties most notably the Democratic Alliance are in support of the former President’s arrest.

The possible arrest of Zuma is a wakeup call for Africa that no one is above the law and justice should not be selective.

Former President Zuma occupied the highest office in the land after taking over from Thabo Mbeki who was removed by ANC.

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