Love is in the air for Queen of Swagger

Pokello Nare

By Faith ShingiraiMundere

Its every woman’s dream to be loved and treated like a princess. For some they get that and more.

While many were having a normal Friday in the world of the Queen of Swagger real name Pokello Nare the socialite businesswoman, socialite and dotting mom of two was getting VIP treatment in the comfort of her home.

Pokello received a private performance by renowned Saxophonist Joe Sax real name Joseph Chinouriri and guitarist  Naphtali Gurity Chivandikwa from her lover, the socialite could not hide her joy as shown by her facial expressions she kept asking those close to her why they did not give her a head up so that she could glam up.

Joe Sax and Naphtali playing

The Zimbabwean socialite is truly living a life most women dream of from vacationing in exotic resorts and dressing in designer clothing having a successful business and staying drama free what more can one ask for.

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