Bobi Withdraws election challenge from court

By:George Honzeri

Ugandan opposition leader, Bobi Wine has withdrawn his election petition challenge form the high court citing the court’s unwillingness to let justice prevail.

Wine is the leader of the National Unity Platform, an opposition political party in Uganda and participated in the 2021 election in which Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was declared the eventual winner.

NTV Uganda reported that NUT leader, Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine had instructed his lawyers to withdraw the Presidential petition which he filed in the Supreme Court challenging the 2021 poll results.

The withdrawal of Wine is very synonymous with African politics as no election challenge has succeeded with either courts being on the side of the incumbent or petitioners failing to provide the courts with enough evidence.

The only challenge that was successful in Africa was that of the Malawian case in which President Chakwera successfully challenged the former president Peter Wamutharika.

In 2016, Hichilema challenged Lungu in Zambia but the case was thrown out due to a technicality.

The late Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe took the late former president of Zimbabwe to court in 2013 citing election Fraud but later dropped the case because he thought he would not get a fair hearing.

Bobi Wine is a Ugandan politician, singer, actor and business man and currently serves as the Member of Parliament for Kyadondo County East constituency.

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