ZIFA should resolve the football mess in the country.

By:George Honzeri

The local premiership has been idle for over 2 years now and this has killed the local game as standards have plummeted with our local premiership champions, FC Platinum being a local case of how poor planning can destroy people’s careers.

FC Platinum was booted out of the CAF Champions league by Simba FC of Tanzania and was demoted to the second tier of African football which is the CAF Confederations cup where they were yesterday booted again by a Senegalese outfit, ASC Jaraaf by 2-0 aggregate.

This all goes down to lack of planning by ZIFA and the PSL who should have resolved the football mess in which the local premiership should have resumed long ago.

Covid 19 seems to be around for a long time and the soccer chiefs in the country need to clear the mess so that football roars back into life.

The DSTV premiership in South Africa resumed a long time ago and the South African teams are doing well in CAF competitions and even in countries such as Egypt,Tanzania,Kenya ,Algeria to mention a few ,football activities are going on well.

ZIFA and PSL should think about the welfare of players and clubs as well as football facilities that are deteriorating due to idleness.

The upcoming warriors assignments are likely to be affected by the fact that there are no soccer activities at the moment and the coaches will be limited in as far as calling locally based players will be concerned.

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