Bak Logistics contributing to skills development

Bak Logistics

by:George Honzeri

Bak Logistics is contributing to the economy through skills development by unveiling career opportunities to the public immediately after lockdown regulations relaxation.

Through its official tweeter handle, Bak Logistics today said they are inviting suitably qualified persons to apply for the position of graduate trainees that have arisen in the organisation.

Unemployment rate in Zimbabwe in 2020 stood at 4.99 % as at 10 November 2020 according to Statista Accounts.

Most of the people employed in Zimbabwe are in the informal sector and this sector is unreliable as it can be affected by economic trends.

Career opportunities unveiled by Bak Logistics are in port, operations, transport, loss control and maintenance.

Bak Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of TSL Limited a company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE).

Bak Logistics together with Premier Forklift Services, Key Logistics make up the logistics cluster for TSL Limited.

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