Nissan NP300 tops Selling Charts in Zimbabwe.

Nissan NP300

By Tatenda Sanyahawa

It looks like the Nissan NP 300 pickup is currently the most selling brand new car in Zimbabwe as recent figures collected from various prominent Car Dealers by the Freight Fowarders Magazine show.

In a good year, Clover Leaf car Dealer sells 400 to 500 units of the NP300 pick-up truck topping all other brands and in a depressed year, the company sells 130-140 units of the NP300 pick-up.

Elsewhere at Ametc, another prominent Car Dealer in Zimbabwe, the company sells some 200 units of the car in a good year and 120-130 units being sold when the market is bad with the company also confirming that the Japanese made pick-up truck is the highest selling brand.

Another big Car Sale, Duly’s which sells various hot brands like the Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D Max, Ford Ranger and Mazda BT 50  recorded highest sales for 2020 on the Nissan NP 300 with 318 units despite the Covid 19 impact on the market.

At Duly’s, the NP300 sales for this particular year was followed by the Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D Max which sold 137 and 134 units respectively according to the Sales Department of Duly’s Company.

Zimbabwe sells roughly above 7500 units of brand new cars when the market is responding well but in times of crisis like the Covid 19 restrictions, the country sold only 1505 brand new cars in total.

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