Harare city council in a blitz to impound wrongly parked vehicles

By:George Honzeri

Harare city council in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Republic police are on blitz to nab vehicles that park in areas not designated for parking.

The council is rounding up vehicles that are parked in areas where parking is not allowed mostly pavements.

Most people avoid payment of parking fees that they think are beyond their reach and henceforth try to find alternatives resulting in parking in areas that are not designated for that.

The Council officials working with City Parking have clamped several cars especially in areas around first street, Angwa Street, George Silundika, Innez terrace where improper parking is very common.

Parking fees for an hour cost $70 using any payment method ranging from ecocash, swipe and cash.

Clamping fees cost $3 620 and $5 494 to have a towed car released.

The blitz by the City Council has seen a lot of motorist paying spot fines to avoid their cars being towed which would result in an escalation of expenses.

The move would see the council raising a lot of revenue and an improvement in compliance by the motoring public.

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