Japanese contractor finishes Makuti section of Harare –Chirundu highway.

Makuti Section

By: George Honzeri

The Japanese contractor rehabilitating the Makuti Section of the Harare – Chirundu highway has finished nearly seven kilometres at the most difficult part of the road in terms of the terrain.

Recently the government of Zimbabwe declared Zimbabwean roads, a state of national disaster.

On its official twitter handle, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development said that the Japanese contracted to rehabilitate the section of the road had completed the work.

The Ministry of Transport is working flat out to rehabilitate the country’s roads including urban infrastructure so as to improve the state of all roads

Makuti and Marongora areas are some of the most rugged parts of the country where the Harare – Chirundu highway passes through and is synonymous with road carnage.

Roads in the country are in a dire state owing to the incessant rains that have pounded the country recently as well as neglect by mostly urban councils.

The Harare- Chirundu highway connects Zimbabwe to countries such as Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi.

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