Minister Mhona tours Central Vehicle Registry Department

Hon.Felix Mhona and Delegation

Tafara Mushope

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Honourable Felix Mhona and his Deputy Honourable Mike Madiro had a familiarisation tour of the Central Vehicle Registration in Harare this week.

During the tour the CVR Registrar Mr George Makoni briefed the Minister on the current situation of the Department.

During his briefing the Registrar highlighted some grievances that are currently affecting the organisation.

The Registrar highlighted that they had ran out of materials to produce driver’s licences and have a backlog that dates back to October 2018. He also told the Minister that the machinery that is being used for drivers’ license production since 1948 is too old to match with the current demands.

Furthermore the CVR through the Registrar made it known to the Minister and his high profile delegation that the raw materials used to produce vehicle registration plates were also in short supply and that the only stocks at hand were only going to serve up to end of April 2021.

“Honourable Minister we would like to let you know that we have asked for money to purchase raw materials from the Ministry of Finance but due to the economic hardships in the country, we haven’t been able to beef up our stocks.” said Mr George Makoni, CVR Registrar.

The Minister also encouraged the CVR to try and look for alternative supplies locally that can be used manufacture vehicle registration plates.

Hon.Minister Mhona and his delegation toured the whole premise and was shown the production process of drivers’ licenses.

Since the turn of the new millennium, the country hasn’t had a steady supply of license discs and this has been compounded by the covid 19 situation putting the department under immense pressure as it imports most of its raw materials .

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