Commercial Vehicles Exempted From Import Ban

By Tatenda Sanyahawa

Commercial vehicles have been exempted from the ban which disallows second hand motors vehicles of more than 10 years of age to be imported into the country.

The ban which took effect on Friday through the Statutory Instrument 89 of 2021 through the control of goods ( import and export),(Commerce) Amendment Regulations 2021(no.9) notice,will permit heavy vehicles and those used in mining and construction to be imported without import permits inspite of their age.

“Commercial Vehicles ( tractors,haulage trucks,earth moving equipment) and other specialised vehicles used in mining and construction shall be exempted from import permits,”reads part of the statutory instrument.

Any other exemptions shall require an import license from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce according to the the statutory.

Zimbabwe has moved from giving penalties to importers of more than ten year old motor vehicles to a ban in a bid to reduce the import bill as well as promote local motor manufacturing industry.

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