Fuel Price goes up

William Makomo

ZERA announced increase of fuel last night effective Monday 5 April 2021.

Diesel 50 increased from US$1.30 last night to US$1.32 whilst Blend now costs US$1.34 from US$1.32 respectively.

“Stakeholders are advised that the Petroleum price released by ZERA can be verified on ZERA official website, Facebook or Twitter, ” statement reads.

In yet another developments, ZERA confirmed that they are now accepting applications for fuel importation licences for 2021, superceding 2019 licences that were still in use.

The new fuel licence fee is US$24,360.

“All petroleum firms have up to April 30 to apply for the 2021 fuel procurement licences,” said in a statement.

ZERA advises all fuel procurement companies who used 2019 licences in 2020 to procure fuel to pay ZW$2million (VAT Inclusive) as licence fee by October, 2021failure of which will lead to cancellation of 2021 licence.

Last week, the regulating authority received a mandate from government to investigate oil companies abusing RBZ forex facility defying the government’s directive to sell fuel in local currency.

However that fuel supposedly to be sold in local currency has disappeared and has not been readily available on the local arena, propelling the government to investigate on the matter.

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