Karoi breaks record as 21 companies open for the tobacco season

farmers waiting to sell their tobacco

Plaxedes Makope

At least twenty one more companies have opened in Karoi to scramble the golden leaf as compared to the past seasons when most companies were mostly buying from their Harare bases.

This year Karoi Has surpassed the previous years with almost 21 tobacco companies opening in themonth of April.

This was revealed by ward 2 councilor Chigumo in a recent interview with Edsurge Media.

“Employment creation in whole of Mashonaland West has increased as these 21 companies came to us in need of some of our people to work for the companies.” said one Mrs Chiwaya.

“Isusemayouthsmacompanies aya akatigoneranokutitangatisisinazvekuitakunzekwekusweratakangogara.’ said Ellen Rusere one of the data capturers at Grandcore tobacco company.

 Some of the 21 companies include Boost Africa, PremierTobacco,Sahara,MTC,TSF,Voedsel,Zimbabwe Leaf Tobbaco,Grandcore, BOKA just to mention but a few.

 There is a lot of competition this year when it comes to buying tobacco as companies like Vodselnd MTC already set the bar with $6usd per kg.

“Gore rinofodyayeduirikutengwazvakanakakupfuuramamwemakorenokutiinindikokekutangakutengerwawo ne$6usd.”said  Moyo a tobacco farmer.

 This time around there will be a lot of selection when it comes to selling tobacco because there are a lot companies offering goodprices.

“There is likely to be more business opportunities here in Mashonaland West because almost every company in Harare is coming here in Karoi so there will be no need to travel to Harare.”said Korongaa business man in Karoi.

 Basing on the situation here in Karoi there will be more money circulating in Mashonaland West because of the business opportunities being brought by the golden leaf.

Karoi is a small farming town located in Mashonaland West province and is 200km from Harare along the Harare to Chirundu highway.

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