Electronic Learners’ Licence Rollout Plan Extends to Masvingo VID – Min. Mhona

Min. Felix Mhona

William Makomo

An Electronic VID Learner’s Licence launched in Masvingo today as part of the Department’s rollout plan to extend the technological innovation to all it’s centres countrywide in a quest by the government to improve on efficiency and curb corruption in the issuing of Learners Licences in Zimbabwe.

“Masvingo is the 5th Depot to be digitalized”, said Hon. Minister Felix Mhona on his Twitter handle this afternoon.

In an interview last week with VID Eastlea main branch, The Freight and Transport news crew were informed that as part of the Department’s effort to increase on efficiency and fight corruption, they intend to ensure the Electronic system is spread to all their centres countrywide, wherever network is available.

Hon.Minister Mhona has restlessily since Friday last week been on the road assessing Infrastructural Development works undertaken by various road contractors along Harare-Beitbridge Highway, and Masvingo could not be spared to get the Minister’s blessing.

More News to Follow…

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