Government Targets more than 26,000km Under Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Program

Eng.T.K Chinyanga

William Makomo

Some heavy rains which pounced across the country this season compounded by the local authorities’ negligence to restore the state of roads in their jurisdictions forced the Government to declare the country’s roads a state of Disaster and Ministry of Transport taking charge of the restorative works targeting 26,000kms to be repaired under the Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Programme.

“More than 26,000km of Zimbabwe roads network will be repaired this year under the Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Program”, said Eng.T.K Chinyanga in a statement.

In yet another event, Hon. Minister Mhona shared the same sentiments confirming his Ministry is ready to rehabilitate urban and rural roads under the Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Program introduced by the government.

However, work has already started at Booshoff road in Sunningdale, Pangula road along Acturus, Chivi-Mhandamabwe road, to mention but a few.

The state of roads had adversely affected motorists with regards costs of repairs and fuel forcing some motorists to neglect shorter unaccessible neglected routes.

From a small survey conducted by The Freight and Transport Magazine News crew, some motorists suggest the introduction of roads taxes to local residents as a sustainable method to maintain and repair our urban roads urging that it’s long overdue.

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