Stray buffalo shot in Karoi urban

In picture the dead buffalo

By:Plaxedes Makope

A stray  buffalo was yesterday shot dead by rangers in the Westview surbub of Karoi.
‘ It was a stray buffalo.”saide Diana Chakanyuka ,an eye witness.

The buffalo is said to have been roaming around the area and people called Parks and Wildlife rangers to come and take care of the situation .

The buffalo is said to have been there until Wildlife Rangers came  and shot it.

People are now afraid as some sources were saying its not the first time that is has happened in Karoi in same area of Westview.

‘Tave kutotya isu vagarive kunone kuti hakasi kekutanga zvichiitika .’ said one woman from the area were the buffalo was found.

‘Karoi iri musango saka hazvisi zvinyowani .’said ShingiraiKoronga .

 People are saying it is because Karoi is surrounded buy areas such as Makuti ,Kariba and Nyamakate which are popular with wildlife  that is why these stray animals are being spotted there and just what happened last year.

This is similar to a story that happened in Chitungwiza a few days ago when a fox was also spotted there during the day.

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