The Freight & Transport Magazine Published

2021 June Issue Special Edition

William Makomo

Click link above to access our June 2021 Special Edition.

Main contents: Zimbabwe Dryport in Namibia now operational, easy to do business promoted, promotional campaigns to promote the new trade route to commence soon.

NDS1/2 to catapult growth towards attainment of Vision 2030…..

Sustainable Roads For Sustainable Developments – Zim in massive roads Infrastructural Developments. All trunk roads leading to country trade routes and local emergency roads rehabilitation projects are the Ministry of Transport’s major focus……..

Makuti-Chirundu Road

Zimra penalty fines, a major blow to importers, Agents appeal for Government to intervene…..

Facelift for Beitbridge border post through Zimborders Consortium complimented by complition of Beitbrirge-Harare & Harare-Chirundu to pull back traffic to the Northern Corridor that had diffected to Botswana route as Zimbabwe remains the shortest transit corridor linking the South and Northern corridors………

Government expects to have completed at least 400km Harare-Beitbridge by end of year 2021 whilst the remaining 180km to be complete in 2023.. .

The Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Project targets 23,000km in both cities and rural areas and Government to introduce a Pre-Mix Plant to help fast tracking on addressing pothole issues.

Government introduces electronic Learners’ Licencing system to curb corruption at VID….

Watch out for our next projects as the Ministry stretches their focus to Victoria Falls highway and Matebeleland…

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